Fun Card Games For Older Adults

Memory loss is a common sign in seniors and therefore, they should engage in games that sharpen their brain. Playing card games definitely does a similar job! According to research, participating in such activities can cause brain cells to reproduce, even in older adults. Here is a list of card games you can play to exercise your brain.

  1. Bridge- Bridge is a very popular game for adultery adults and is based on the game Whist. It requires skill and collaboration between partners. You need four people to play the game. For those interested in playing Bridge check out the rules here.
  2. Rummy- Rummy has many variations including: Gin Rummy (2 players), Indian Rummy (2 decks of cards), and 13 Card Rummy (played with 13 cards in hand). It’s popular due to its simplicity yet deceptive complexity of play. It’s easy to learn and less competitive then other games. Find a simple set of standard rules here.
  3. Whist- Like stated previously, Whist is similar to the game Bridge. It requires four players, two players per team. However, unlike Bridge, Whist involves luck and is simpler to learn. It is a great game to play for those who feel intimidated by Bridge. Click here for instructions on how to play Whist.
  4. Solitaire- Solitaire is a great game for passing time. It is played with yourself and simple to learn. Instructions on how to play Solitaire can be found here.
  5. Cribbage- The oldest game on this list is by far Cribbage. Cribbage is a card game however, it requires a board. It is extremely popular across the world and a great game to play at home! To learn more about how to play Cribbage click this link!
A close up of playing cards on a table