What do home care agencies do?

When looking for home care services, you can either hire a private caregiver or a home health care agency. There are many benefits of hiring a home care agency. Agencies have a rigorous hiring process ensuring trustworthy and professional care. Clients are matched with the right home health aide that fits their personality and home care needs. Agencies also have home health aides on hand to cover when other employees get sick or take time off. This will ensure that you or your loved one will never be without care. Additionally, agencies submit all insurance forms for their clients to be reimbursed. Clients don’t have to go through the stress of collecting all necessary documents and submitting it. When hiring a caregiver through an agency, the agency pays for the aide’s transportation to and from the client. Agencies also typically have someone on call 24/7 incase of an emergency. Lastly, some agencies have a social worker on call for clients’ family members. Watch this video to learn about the many benefits of using a home care agency. At A Caring Hand Services our founder, Karen Brown, meets with potential new clients to answer any questions or concerns. For a free consultation call A Caring Hand Services at (212) 828-4545.