A nurse checking the blood pressure of an older man.

What does a home health aide do?

If you have a loved one nearing retirement age, chances are good that at some point you’ll be in the market for home health care. People turning 65 today have an almost 70 percent chance of needing some type of elder care services or support in their remaining years, according to the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

At A Caring Hand Services, our home health aides receive formal training in basic patient care skills and home management. HHAs are highly qualified to perform various services for the patient necessary to maintain his or her personal comfort along with a clean, safe environment. The care and skills performed are provided under the supervision of an RN Nursing Supervisor.

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Here are some of the services we provide:

Assist in the personal care of the patient including:

  • Oral hygiene full or partial bathing activities
  • Toileting activities including the use of the urinal, bedpan, or commode
  • Personal grooming activities including shaving, shampoos, skincare, and perineal care
  • Dressing activities
  • Performs basic patient care skills
  • Passive and/or active range of motion exercises
  • Transferring, turning, and positioning patients
  • Taking and recording vital signs
  • Providing ostomy care including changing of the apparatus as instructed by the Nursing Supervisor
  • Provide daily indwelling catheter care as instructed by the Nursing Supervisor
  • Measure the patient’s weight
  • Measure intake and output as directed by the Nursing Supervisor
  • Performs finger stick and glucometer readings and reports to the Nursing Supervisor
  • Performs nonsterile dressing changes as instructed by the Nursing Supervisor
  • Cleans equipment used by the patient
  • Keeps daily records of patient activities and observations
  • Submits weekly records to the Director of Nursing and appropriate personnel on the patient’s condition
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We are located in the New York area and service Westchester County, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and Manhattan. We are ready to assist you and your loved ones with any type of care.